Advice About Employment Laws

We have expertise in a broad range of employment law areas including: employees' family and medical leave rights; leaves of absences employees are entitled to in California; employer's obligations to provide reasonable accommodations for disabled employees and to engage in the interactive process; the interaction between workers' compensation laws, medical leave laws and disability discrimination laws; employees' privacy rights in the workplace; wage and hour rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act; public sector employees' rights to retiree health and pension benefits; discrimination, harassment, retaliation and whistleblowing issues; disciplinary appeals and grievance procedures; employee background checks; performance evaluations; and how to determine and take appropriate disciplinary actions.


Litigation Risk Assessment


In addition, based on our extensive experience with employment-related litigation, we can expertly assess an employer's litigation risks when presented with specific factual scenarios.  We have litigated scores of cases in federal and state courts involving claims by employees of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and whistleblowing.  We have also defended public sector employers in numerous writ proceedings and arbitrations involving employee challenges of disciplinary actions.   We have often assisted employers in reaching mutually satisfactory settlement agreements with current and former employees.  Based on this experience, we provide expert advice to employers who are addressing actual or potential legal claims by employees.

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