Workplace Investigations

We provide the following services to address and manage employee's complaints of harassment, discrimination or other employee misconduct:


Independent Investigations


Our method of investigation is tailored to comply with legal requirements, to be prompt, thorough, objective and impartial.  Our investigations take into consideration relevant legal and factual issues, are carefully documented to produce an accurate evidentiary record for use in any later disciplinary or legal proceedings, and provide a solid basis for finding resolutions to workplace problems.  We comply with the Guiding Principles of the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) and regularly receive training and supervision through active participation in AWI.

We have conducted internal investigations since 1998 for both private and public sector clients. We have expertise in investigating complaints of employee misconduct ranging from discrimination, harassment, retaliation, financial improprieties, to problems with supervision and management practices.  We have addressed complaints about employees at all levels of an organization, including complaints about top-level executives.  We also have expertise in the requirements of the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act and the Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights Act.


Advice and Training in Conducting Investigations


We also advise human resources staff about the proper way to conduct investigations, how to analyze whether an outside investigator has conducted an appropriate investigation, and what action to take after an investigation has been completed.   We offer personalized training to assist staff in conducting investigations in-house.  We take a step-by-step approach in advising how to determine the scope of an investigation, who to interview and when to interview them, how to draft investigation reports, and how to proceed in taking action to resolve complaints and address employee misconduct in light of the investigator's findings.

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